Breeding Services

Canine Reproductive Assistance for Breeders


Dr. Gumley has extensive training and over twenty five years of experience in canine reproductive services. We can assist breeders directly or as an additional support to referring veterinarians.

We offer advanced reproductive services including:

  • Male and female breeding assessments and evaluations
  • Semen evaluations
  • Ovulation and fertility timing
  • MAVIC® vaginal insemination
  • Trans-cervical insemination
  • Surgical insemination
  • Fresh chilled semen preparation and transport
  • Frozen semen preparation, storage and transport
  • Infertility and breeding problem assessments and management
  • Pregnancy diagnosis with ultrasound and/or radiography
  • Breeder training on fetal heart rate monitoring
  • Consultation and assistance with whelping and neonatal care
  • Access to Whelpwise Service

We are a certified International Canine Semen Bank clinic serving Ottawa, Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec