Our Services

Cedarview Animal Hospital offers a range of services for your pet. These include spay and neuter services, kitten and puppy care, vaccinations, dental care and senior pet services.
Our services for breeders include canine reproductive assistance (including chilled semen handling and trans-cervical insemination using endoscopy). Cedarview is also home to the first underwater treadmill in Ottawa for canine rehabilitation!

Wellness & Preventive Care

We provide routine care including vaccinations, health exams, and parasite control with an emphasis on prevention.

Diagnostics & Laboratory Testing

Our hospital has an in-house laboratory and many tests can be performed while you wait. We also offer digital x-ray and dental x-ray, video endoscopy and more.


Our veterinarians perform routine surgery such as spaying and neutering, as well as soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, and other complex procedures.


Our dental services include routine teeth cleaning and digital dental x-rays, as well as extractions and minor oral surgery when required.

Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine

Our hospital is home to Ottawa's first underwater canine treadmill! We have medical staff certified in canine rehabilitation and have been providing animal rehabilitation services since our practice opened.

Breeding Services

Dr. Gumley has extensive training and over twenty five years of experience in canine reproductive services. We can assist breeders directly or as an additional support to referring veterinarians.