Did you know that one of the top three causes of kidney disease in dogs is periodontal disease?  Besides keeping your pet’s breath fresh, maintaining good oral health is essential for controlling oral pain, and other serious health issues.

Periodontal disease actually occurs out of sight and below the gum line. Infections between the tooth and the gum lead to redness, pain and progressive loss of the attachments of the tooth to the gum and the bone. To thoroughly examine and clean the oral space, in dogs and cats, requires general anesthesia.  This is shown to be the safest method to manage this condition. In addition, we routinely x-ray all of teeth at the time of the procedure time to look for defects in the roots and bone.


  • Routine teeth cleaning (dental prophylaxis)
  • Extractions of diseased or broken teeth
  • Root planing
  • Digital dental x-rays
  • Staging of periodontal disease
beagle holding a toothbrush in his mouth